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Vale Park in Wallasey

A lovely place to be at. This is a unique park that offers great adventure to never forget. It is a creation by volunteers as well as the authorities. These have given their best. That can be proved with the high level of appreciation expresses by the park visitors. It’s a beautifully tended area that provides the best views of Mersey. It is also a perfect host for numerous events for the kids and the adults. Talent shows and band concerts are among the events you can expect all year round. It’s a unique park in the sense that it opens 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

What to do

So, you are planning of a visit to Vale Park, ‘what can you expect?’ is the question you need answered. Well, expect a spectrum of answers. That’s because there is plenty you can do for fun inside the Vale Park. These include dog walking, taking snacks and delicious diets at the vale house café, adventure in the rose and fairy garden, kick about pitch just to mention a few. There is an area set aside for specifically children as well as a community Centre. Your tour to this park will be welcomed by these facilities waiting for you and your family.

Why visit Vale Park?

First, it’s the incredible views of river Mercy and its natural surroundings. This is the park that has everything to do with the beautiful views over the Mersey region. Seeing the true meaning of nature is among the reasons why people go out to explore the world. Well, Vale Park has plenty to offer in that regard.

Second, it’s the events hosted inside the park. You just need to be inside the park to be part of the crowd being entertained. Many events are held here especially during the summer season. These include plays and music events.

No one is left out

People from Wirral and beyond have no reason not to visit Vale Park. Starting from the kids all the way to the old, fun is guaranteed. There are events for all. Accessibility is enhanced as well to include the needs of the disadvantaged. If you are on a wheelchair, you will easily maneuver your way to whatever point you wish to. This is the perfect spot for a picnic. Toilets and exercise machines are also availed.

Eating demands are checked

There is a little café but great with regard to what it offers. You can buy your coffee, tea, ice cream or other snacks that you need for a lovely adventure. The meals are known to have traditional flavors that are hard to find these days.

Vale Park is simply magical to be in. purpose to visit it for the best of fun but I think i may have saved the best for last when it comes to parks in Wirral.

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