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One of the best feelings is when you solve a puzzle. It’s much easier when you do it on paper in 2D. You can expect an extra challenge when its 3D. Solving the 3D puzzle however will be more exciting as it is part of adventure. Just the same way watching 4D movies is better than the usual movies. Brimstage maze has it all. It’s the perfect outdoor spot you need to visit in Wirral. Most importantly, it has a unique adventure you can never find anywhere else. The task is to enter the maze, walk through the lengthy paths and find your way out through the other side. Very few get to the other side. Many are trapped inside. Both situations are fun.

It’s a growing puzzle

Brimstage Park is made of a growing maze; comes rare. The plants included are basically maize. That’s where the maizy maze rhetoric title comes from. We all know that maize forms a nice forest growing over everybody’s height. Nobody gets 7 feet long. The ground is level for all. Trust you me, finding the exit is next to impossible. You can expect to get lost and if you are lucky, you get to win. The maize is a seasonal crop that gets harvested every year. Fresh maize is planted as a result. This is where things get even more interesting. If you did win last year, you can’t use the same trick to win this year. The maze will be redesigned completely. Your skills will be put to test afresh. It’s all about directions.

It’s a venue for all

Venues tend to be meant for different calibers of people. The Brimstage Park however is there for people of all ages just like our very own Birkenhead Park. It is a nice challenge to the kids as well as the adults. Not even the adults find it easy to maneuver their way out. In fact, there is no difference between a kid and an adult when inside the maze. The maize maze is waiting for you to test your skills. Will you win, or will you get lost like many do? It’s a question you need to answer by visiting this outdoor park.

Extra facilities

Visiting Brimstage maze comes with added benefits. People have needs that they need addressed even when they are out for holidays. Among the needs is eating. The park has kiosks where you can buy light snacks for your appetite. These are sweet stuffs that you can’t resist. If you get to Brimstage Park on your ride, free parking is available. There is also plenty of indoor fun activities including cargo nets, twisty tube, climb on platforms and a big indoor barn. It is fun when you play against an opponent making use of your assault skills. There is also a toddler area available.

Opening hours are the standard with holidays and weekends opening at 11:30 to 17:00. Check to see is the maze is open or it’s under redesign. Normal and affordable charges apply.

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