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Wirral Country Park

Having come to life in the year 1973, it goes down to record as the first country park in the great country of Britain. It lies in the Wirral metropolitan region extending all the way to the Cheshire County. This is a public park operated by the metropolitan of Wirral. It is open to all any day of the year with the exception of Christmas day. The park captures the best of Dee River alongside many other interesting features. Two visitor centers stand out. These include Hadlow Railway Station and Thurstaston railway station.

A park hard found

Lawrence Beswick DSM, a captain deserves all the credit for the invention of Wirral Country Park. He was the man behind the campaign that pushed the countryside commission to develop this park. That was however not an easy task. Creating the park meant elimination of a 48 kilometer long railway track, digging of drainage channels, removing brick road bridges, working with tons of ballast and gravel and so on. You will find proof of the ex-rail by several signs inside the park today. With all these work, it is fortunate to say that it was worth it. The park is an amazing creation that attractions people of all kinds and from all parts of the world.

Wild animals

Presence of wildlife confirms that indeed Wirral country park is a country park. We are talking of not one or two species of animals considering the park as their home. There is so much life for a wide range of animals starting from the smallest to the biggest. Examples of animals include foxes, badgers, butterfly species, birds and many others. There is an estuary that key support for the bids in the park. Other carnivore birds are also spotted including the owls and peregrines.

Activities to do

There is plenty you can do for fun inside the country park. You can cycle or walk along the Wirral way. There is also a horse riding route set aside for horse lovers. It is also a perfect place to visit as a group such as a school group or a party group. If you prefer an independent tour, you can also go for it with the maps given to you from the visitor Centre. Walking on the beach is also another viable option. Barbequing and a picnic with the best views of Dee estuary is another. There is something for all.

Opening hours

The park is open to all anytime they wish to tour. Your question should be when you should be visiting and not when the park will be open. The visitor center is open from 10 am to 5 pm every day of the week. Camping and parking overnight are not permitted. Like other parks in Wirral there are a host of things to do

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