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REPLACE YOUR KITCHEN WORKTOPSHow much do kitchen worktops cost?

Kitchen worktops can easily be removed and replaced by most qualified carpenters and joiners. However, many homeowners tend to do the replacing on their own so that they can be able to save money. Even though doing it yourself may end up saving you money, you should keep in mind that being able to get a neat finish in all the corners may not be as easy as you may think. Another important point is that if your walls are not straight, then you may only end up making matters worse. Not doing it correctly may only end up costing you a lot of money which you were trying to save.

Different factors that tend to affect the price of your kitchen worktops

If you have some different mitered corners, then you should be sure that the price is going to go up. This is also going to be the same thing if your walls are uneven. Even without this in mind, the overall costs of worktops tend to vary significantly. If you decide to go for a solid wood worktop, then you should expect to spend around £300 – £400 which is charged per every 3-metere section. On the other hand, if you decide to go for a standard laminate, then you should expect to spend around £75 which is also charged per every 3-meter length.

If you decide to go for a granite worktop, then you should expect to pay around £800 for every 3 meters with C P joinery. However, this price does not include the custom cutouts for the sink as well as the hob. A Corian, Granite and quartz type of worktop is already ready to be pre-cut therefore your installer will not need to cut a corner section when they are doing the installation.

Hire a Carpenter to Install Your Worktops

When you are looking for the right worktop to purchase, it is essential for you to make sure that you already have a professional and qualified carpenter in mind who is going to do the reconnecting of the electric and gas hobs. This should be the case even if you are doing the replacing of the worktops on your own. Trying to do it on your own may be fatal not only to you but for your family as well.

Also, another important point to keep is that granite tends to cut for the hob, sink as well as the tap holes. Therefore, since granite is a custom cut, you should expect it to be done by the company that is going to be doing the installation of the worktop for you. It wouldn’t be a good idea to have different people from different companies doing different things like cutting and installing just in case something goes wrong.