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Outdoor parks in Wirral

Wirral is one of the scenic regions in the United Kingdom. If you are looking for an outdoor destination to have fun with your kids, Wirral has plenty to offer. It has numerous picnic spots full of lovable memories. All you need to do is park up your stuff and head to Wirral. Be sure it won’t disappoint. Some of the parks we are talking about are rated among the best not only in Wirral, but around the entire UK. You will find one among the many beautiful parks with incredible views that matches your perfection. Nothing comes better than an outdoor event when the weather is perfect. If you are on holiday in the summer, take your family out for adventure in one of the many lovely parks in Wirral. I have a list of some of the best parks.

New Brighton Beach

Perhaps I forgot to mentioned something crucial; the beaches. Adventure on the beaches is complete. Just being on the beaches, swimming, getting the beautiful views of the skyline and making optimal utilization of the sunshine creates unforgettable memories. Carry your lunch and enjoy every bite of it with style. There is a pearl pirate like ship created out of driftwood. It’s right there at the beach. If you got kids, this New Brighton beach park is among the best for you. Your kids will love acting pirate inside the ship.

Birkenhead Park

A beautiful place is rated according to the many visitors it receives. People want to see what’s in there to keep their minds and bodies happy. Birkenhead Park goes beyond rating. It is simply a benchmark. Its design is beautiful to the level that people want to carry part of it home. This is the reason why Birkenhead Park has inspired the creation of many other parks and gardens around the world. The New York central park is among the parks borrowing from this Wirral top park. It is the home of woodland belts, beautiful lakes, open meadows, Swiss bridge, boathouse and so much more. You should go check these features out.

Wirral Country Park

The good thing about Wirral is that you can expect there to be a scenic park near you at any location. Beautiful places to walk, rest, cycle or take your kids for play surrounds you. Wirral Country Park provides the best views of Dee Estuary, Thursaston beach and the best of coastland views. This parks has extra benefits such as free parking, café, BBQ area and kiosks for ice cream in case you got kids.

Vale Park

It’s a well maintained park that has plenty to showcase. If you are looking for the best Mersey views, look no further. It’s rated among the best with many treating it as an event destination for all. It has hosted concerts and kids events previously.

The list is long with other parks e.g. Ness Gardens, Red Rocks, River Dee and many others included or even A Family Day Out at Brimstage Maze Wirral

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