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It’s a park known for its early invention and unique design. It was an idea by Joseph Paxton way back in 1847. During those days, parks were not features you could find especially in the urban settings. It went to record that Birkenhead Park was the first of its kind ever in the entire world. This was not to be ignored. It marked an important stage for development of humans with consideration of the industrial revolution that brought about poor health conditions. The urban Landscape was in no doubt going green again with the introduction of this oasis rich park.

The concept

Coming from the best minds in landscaping, Birkenhead Park had to be the best. Sir Joseph Paxton was the designer to Princes Park of Liverpool, which is a private facility. The park was amazing as well. He had the will and the skills to design one for the public. Fortunately, the park withstood the extreme world wars conditions. You can visit the park today and get to experience the traditional tastes. And perfect designing he did. This park is located right at the heart of Birkenhead in the metropolitan of Wirral England. It is open for outdoor activities all year round.

Inspiration to other parks

Copying is the norm nowadays and even in the past. Nobody however copies what has no value. With Birkenhead being the first park to be designed in the city Centre, and it worked perfectly, other cities had to borrow from this unique design. Take one popular example, the New York. Were it not for the Birkenhead Park, the Central Park would be non-existent. Fredrick Law Olmsted an icon for the growth of the New York City borrowed much from Birkenhead. The interesting part is that when He visited London in 1850, Birkenhead was not the only park he ventured into. However, he identified it as the model park that he could later borrow from to design the central park in New York and actually receive a lot of praise and rewards for that. Many other parks have also borrowed heavily from the Birkenhead Park.

The features

It’s amazing that the park has endured over the years. In fact, more has become of the park so that you have more reasons to be inside Birkenhead Park no matter what time of the year it is. Features include the Swiss Bridge built over the lake, train ride for the best of kids play, renovated lodges, the grand entrance among others. The park has been a host for many events including active drama and express comedy as well as sporting events. After undergoing renovation recently, the Birkenhead Park is a place to be. Original features have been re-installed, lakes reshaped and cleaned, shrubs and trees planted, paths improved and what have you. It’s a new place altogether. The images you see on photos are better when you see them with your bare eyes. And Vale Park is only a few miles up the road in Wallasey!

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